Welcome to Mulberry Trample

Mulberry Trample is a wine brokerage that specializes in placing excess finished goods labeled inventory into the most discreet channels possible, thereby enabling wineries to turn inventory into cash without the risk of negatively impacting long-term branding and future vintage sales efforts. By keeping any discounting off Wine Searcher and other visible websites, wineries don’t suffer the ‘hangover effect’ when releasing new vintages.

Between the huge growth in the number of California wineries over the past two decades, the steep reduction in the number of distributors, and imported wines gobbling up almost a quarter of U.S. wine sales, it’s no wonder many small to mid-sized wineries have found themselves with excess finished goods inventory.

Most wineries are loath to reduce the price of their wine in a visible manner. It not only deteriorates the brand’s image, but makes it extremely challenging to sell-in the next vintage, particularly if the discounting is visible to the retail trade.

Mulberry Trample is unique in its ability to provide wineries real value beyond the traditional wine brokerage services. That’s because it offers wine exclusively to merchants capable of making significant purchases without employing highly visible means of sell-through. Mulberry Trample works very closely with the following types of distribution outlets on behalf of the wineries we represent:

  • Email wine marketers looking for great value in exchange for exposing discounted wine exclusively to their contained mailing lists. These promotions never hit Wine Searcher or other online databases.
  • Wine of the Month Clubs and Gift Programs. These channels actually inflate the value of the wine in order to enhance their programs’ value proposition to their customer base.
  • Higher end specialty retailers and restaurants looking to create outsized gross margins for their enterprises and promote to their own wine clubs and mailing lists. These merchants agree upfront to keep the wine prices off Wine Searcher.
  • Airlines and Cruise Ships looking to enhance their margins. They don’t discount a wine’s brand image via low pricing.
  • International markets offering a quiet outlet for overstocked wines.