Control Label/Private Label Partnership

Mulberry Trample works with a number of wine producers to create wines for retailers, distributors and exporters searching for higher margin, private label and control label wine programs. We also work with negotiants looking to secure ongoing supplies of high end wine with a consistent taste profile.

Depending on your needs, we are able to custom design any wine program around specific price points, varietals, volume or other parameters.

This is an attractive program because private label/control label brands enable many merchants and distributors to differentiate themselves from the competition and generate extraordinary gross margins.

Most retailers and distributors don’t currently have approved labels for use on shiners or other wines they’d like to develop into meaningful programs. As a result, Mulberry Trample owns three labels, each targeting a different segment, and avails them to their customers:

Bada Boom. The name and label bring a smile to your face and are designed to do the same for your customers. This label works with sub-$10 price points.


Connections. A more serious label, it conjures up the marriage of land and winemaker or different varietals coming together in a special way. This brand works across several price points.


Edwin Lane. This is a serious label with a name and design that evokes a level of elegance to your higher-end control label wines. Is Edwin Lane a place or a person? Does it matter?


If you are a negociant, retailer, exporter or wholesaler looking for a partner to help you to develop your control label or branded wine program, we can pair you up with the wine producer that is right for you.